The Wild West Part III – Antelope Canyon

To recap the trip this far, we ate our way through Vegas, spent a night in Utah, and I felt like I pseudo cheated death at Horse Shoe Bend, and were now en route to Antelope Canyon.  Funny thing is, we haven’t even gotten to the main event yet!  The main event on this Wild West road trip was supposed to be the Grand Canyon, and yet, by the time we got there, Bryce and Antelope had completely overshadowed the awesomeness that is the Grand Canyon.  Now, that’s not to say that the Grand Canyon wasn’t totally awe inspiring, because it was, but Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s dream and a natural beauty and wonder all unto itself.  It will simply take your breath away.

A little history for you. Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land close to Horse Shoe Bend in nearby Page, Arizona.  Canyon in this context is not what at least I would expect it to be.  Antelope is considered a slot canyon which very simply put, means you’re almost walking into a knot in a wood floor or a tree.  It is not a wide gaping space, but more a narrow area where as a spectator you’re at the bottom looking up, without much of a vantage point to look down.

My husband and I chose to take a Navajo tour in Lower Antelope Canyon.  To get into the canyon we had to walk down a very steep staircase into the abyss.  Small children were able to do this so don’t be deterred!  As we walked through the canyon the colors, waves, and artistry carved out by water was incredible.  Since words cannot do this place justice, below are photos taken with my iPhone, with no additional filters doing the work.  Enjoy and then look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to visit!

antelope5Looking up into Lower Antelope Canyon

antelope4Contrast of light and dark waves in Lower Antelope Canyon


Purple and Blue Waves in Lower Antelope Canyon


Our Navajo Guideantelope1I love the contrast of the ridges, waves, and puncture marks, Lower Antelope Canyon


The pink colors truly make me happy and calm


Capturing the beauty of the moment


On our way out – there’s my handsome husband!


Slot canyon, totally dating myself here but the perspective reminds me of Honey I Shrunk the Kids


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