The Wild West Part IV, the Grand Canyon

So if you’ve been following this longer than anticipated Wild West road trip series, you will know the following:

Philadelphia –> Las Vegas –> Bryce Canyon, UT —> Page, Arizona (Horse Shoe Bend and Antelope Canyon)

Well, we are finally headed over to Flagstaff, AZ as a jumping off point for our Grand Canyon adventure, as dubbed in an earlier post, the main event.  (SidenoteWhen in Flagstaff, Pizzicletta is a must for any pizza lover, and who doesn’t like pizza?)

The Grand Canyon as a national park is incredibly well managed and run.  Once you pay for admission to the park, free shuttle buses take you from the main parking lot to varying points throughout.  They run frequently and are incredibly easy to use and navigate.  The bus dropped us off at our hiking point and we began to enter the Rim, dun dun dun!

We had no plans to hike and stay the night in the canyon (I glamp not camp), so we went about a mile or so down and then turned around to head back up.  We met some wonderful people along the way and could not believe the views.  The trail was actually very well maintained and easy to navigate and I would recommend it for people of all ages and varying athletic ability.  While Bryce was beautiful, I felt more comfortable navigating down into the Grand Canyon than at Bryce at times.

The thing about the Grand Canyon was that while it is so incredible vast, and awe inspiring in its size, we had just come from 3 incredibly beautiful, very different and no less grand sights.  If we had started at the Grand Canyon we might have felt differently.  And it is absolutely, 100% worth a visit.  In fact, the thought of taking my future spawn there is really exciting.  It’s a place where you can easily put your life in perspective in the sense that its a reminder that we are all very small people in a very big world.  I mean the Grand Canyon literally looks like it could go on forever.

Remarkably, the Grand Canyon was not the last stop on our Wild West adventure, but was certainly the grand finale to an incredible road trip.  I will be posting about the remaining part of our journey separately so stay tuned!

So without further ado, some of our photos.

Grand Canyon
Little people, big world. Our first view of the Grand Canyon.
grand canyon
There’s me just taking it all in
View from the Desert View & Watchtower
I love the perspective on this shot.
View of our trail as we headed down. Looks easy, no?

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