Pic of the Week – Chicago!

Chicago is one of my all time favorite US cities.  It’s a city where the second I step out of the cab at my hotel I feel at home, I feel like I could live there.  Between the sweeping landscape of Lincoln Park, to the beaches of Lake Michigan, despite their winters, this city has it all.  Don’t even get me started on the food!  When I found out Lou Malnati’s delivered to anywhere in the US I lost my mind!  I believe we have one deep dish pizza left in our freezer and I’m concerned that might not be enough!  On my most recent trip, my boss opened my eyes to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder, aka a semi-holy and inappropriate religious experience over pizza pot pie and Mediterranean bread.  #nomnomnom

The thing about Chicago that has always been unfortunate for me is that I am always there on business.  I try to sneak in some pleasure trips here and there and extend through the weekend, but I’ve never had the opportunity to truly explore the city.  And after going there five times now, I finally got to do the architecture boat tour!  If you are ever in Chicago, this tour is an absolute must.  And behold, my pic of the week as a result!

Photo taken with my HitCase fisheye lens

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