Restaurant Review: Elements at Sanctuary, Camelback Mountain

Have you ever gone out to a super fancy restaurant and left still hungry?  Well that will not happen here.  I repeat, that will not happen here.

I happened upon Elements via a Buzzfeed article called 32 Restaurants with Spectacular Views and was thrilled that I’d be heading to Scottsdale and immediately made a reservation for sunset time.  The restaurant and the view did not disappoint.

Set on the side of Camelback Mountain facing west, the restaurant is built for the soul purpose of taking advantage of the view.  My husband and I were seated at a booth that just faces the window, it’s one side – like one of those awkward style dates where you sit next to each other and not across from each other.  It was essentially stadium style seating facing a wall of windows facing the sunset.  It was quite the setting, and the service and food matched to boot.

I ordered steak as it came with truffled mash potatoes, and whenever you put truffle on anything, I’m game.  And let me tell you, the steak and potatoes were glorious.  Instead of a piece of steak the size of my fist like you’d get in NYC, I felt I was given an entire cow – and the mashed potatoes, I’m pretty sure I finished those.  They were so smooth and creamy and the truffle, dear God the truffle.  I may have had a religious experience with those potatoes. Anyway, the prices were very on par to what we were used to in the Northeast.  A lot of food for a comparable price.

Additionally, the service was exceptional.  I love when my water magically refills itself, but also given enough space so that the waitstaff don’t feel like vultures.  Our waiter struck a perfect balance of maintaining our satisfaction but also giving us the opportunity to truly enjoy our meal and the atmosphere without feeling overwhelmed by requests.  We never want for anything, and as always, that is the most critical.

So in summary, come for view, and stay because the food and service is so damn good.  I wish I had photographed my meal, but I can in fact leave you with the view.

elements view
Restaurant with a view – Elements at Camelback Mountain

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