New England the Beautiful

In honor of Labor Day Weekend, and the last long weekend of summer, I wanted to do a pictorial of New England.  As a New Englander, there are so many spaces and places that I love, and now that I live in Pennsylvania, there are many things that I miss that used to be at my finger tips.  So please, take a moment and explore New England with me.

While I have been to all the New England states, the places that mean the most to me are my beautiful home state of Connecticut, my adopted state of Rhode Island, and finally, the state that has had my heart and my summers since I was in diapers, Maine.

westport 2
Saugatuck River at sunset, en route to Compo Beach
westport 3
Compo Beach Marina
westport 1
Compo Beach
westport 4
The Inn at Longshore, relax, have a beer, and enjoy one heck of a view
westport 5
Colorful kayaks, all snug in their beds
rhode island 2
Beautiful Narrow River – my husband’s childhood playground in South Kingston, RI
rhode island 4
Off to Newport, RI. Playground for the rich. One of the top 100 things to do before you die is the Newport Cliff Walk, just an FYI
rhode island 3
Newport, RI, the remainder of the tall ships festival. No complaints here.
rhode island 6
Where Narragansett beach meets Narrow River
rhode island 5
A busy night on Narragansett beach for the annual Philharmonic show
rhode island 1
The greatest lemonade ever and a Rhode Island staple. No summer is truly complete for me without at least one of these.
rhode island 8
Our favorite RI beach, Roger Wheeler. Small waves, big smiles.
rhode island 7
The beautiful Narragansett Towers and the Sea Wall
maine 1
Off to Maine! My all time favorite exit. Ogunquit summers here we come!
maine 13
View from the other side of Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME
maine 12
Perkins cove row boats, Ogunquit, ME
maine 10
First stop for lunch, Barnacle Bills!
maine 8
I have been eating here for as far back as I can remember
maine 01
Final boat shot of Perkins Cove, I promise
maine 11
Heading over the bridge in Perkins Cove to watch the fishing vessels fade away
maine 9
View from the Marginal Way, a 3/4 mile cliffwalk along the coast of Ogunquit to/from the Sparhawk Hotel and Perkins Cove
maine 4
My Dad’s favorite restaurant. Pick your lobster from the large pools before you enter and then put on your bib, it’s lobstahhh time
maine 6
The age old argument happening under the New England sea
maine 7
Lobster is kind of big thing here, and so are the buoys associated with the lobster traps
maine 3
Ogunquit Beach, the longest, widest, flattest beach I’ve ever seen. There are so many sandbars off of its coast that you could walk out into the ocean for yards before you couldn’t stand
maine 5
My favorite breakfast and the pancakes we use as the ultimate metric of best pancakes ever. Try as we might, we never quite succeed in recreating their majesty

Happy Labor Day!


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