The AirBnB Surprise

I’ve written about AirBnB twice before, once as we were about to embark on our first ever position as host, and the other afterwards, refreshers here and here.  As we hosted our third group of people, an unintended consequence hit me square in the face.  AirBnB is so much more than a hosting or rental site, it’s a site for making real in-person connections.

After our first hosting experience, the Austrian family that called our home their home for a few days invited us to theirs.  “Come to Austria,” they said, and we certainly want to take them up on that.  Additionally, our latest stretch of guests, a wonderful pastry chef who currently calls Miami home, promised to help us plan a visit to her native Atlanta, when my husband has a conference there in early 2016.

This blog is a travel blog, and while I’ve barely scratched the surface of seeing the world, I had no idea that AirBnB would work to bring the world to me.

Happy Hump Day!


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