Traveling with Baby

When I stopped blogging, I had a bunch of posts created and ready to go, but felt that I had lost my way.  I was unhappy with them and felt they didn’t really have the tenor I wanted.  And while I don’t know if I’m going to stick with blogging after this post, I’m nervous, and anxious, and needed an outlet.

On Friday, we are gearing up to take our almost 7 month old on his very first flight.  Well four flights, since there isn’t anything direct from our home airport to Cozumel.  I am a ball of stress.  I hear babies can smell fear, and I reek of it.

How often will he cry? (“What if he cries?” seems like a silly statement and is akin to asking “is the sky blue?”)  And worse yet, what if we can’t calm him down?  Babies cry on planes all the time, and mainly because they can’t pop their little ears, they just don’t know how. But they also cry because they are hungry, bored, exhausted, and want to troll their parents.  What if we can’t manage?

I know that with parenting, we have to manage.  There literally is no other way.  You wake up each day knowing that all you’re doing is surviving, managing until bedtime, knowing it all starts again tomorrow, or in the middle of the night, multiple times even.  You just plow ahead, you hang onto the highs and try to forget all the lows, even though sometimes the lows make you cry, enrage you, flat out exhaust you, or all of the above. So on these upcoming flights, we have no other option.  We have to forge ahead, we have to use every tactic in the book and hope that one works long enough to keep us, our little Bubba, and the other passengers happy.  So on Friday, look to the skies, and say, “Good luck, Mama, you got this”.

I feel a little better now.  Good talk, see you out there.

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller, aka a traveler’s dream.  Can’t wait to test it out!

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