About Me

When I was younger, traveling was defined by road trips.  I flew once in my life before the age of 18, and now I’m on an airplane almost every week.  Mostly for work, but I definitely manage to squeeze in some fun personal trips along the way.

Travel started to become a way of life for me in college.  I studied abroad in London (one of my all time favorite cities and places on earth), and from there traveled as much and as often as I could.  After college, our trips were more localized (money always being an issue), but now as I’ve gotten older, and work has afforded me significant opportunities, I try to go anywhere I can.

I know this lifestyle may not last forever (having kids will eventually be on the horizon), but even when, and if I’m lucky enough to become a mom, I want those children to feel free on the road, completely liberated by exploring new places, cultures and ideas.  And to never be scared at the prospect of showing up somewhere with an over-sized backpack, no map, and somehow making it work.



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