This weekend my husband and I are doing something crazy new.  We are hosting not one, but two families via AirBnB in our home.  We’ll be out of town.

We’re no strangers to AirBnB and similar sites, as we’ve rented quite a few homes during our travels.  All homes we have respected, loved, and left just as clean if not cleaner than when we first arrived. Despite this fact, I’m a nervous wreck.  It’s not so much about the stuff (well definitely a bit about the stuff), but more about the community in which we now live.

We recently purchased our very first home in a quaint little residential area in the northeast.  What of my neighbors with small children who think they know who they are living near, but find in reality, that new families and patrons begin to come and go.  Is that fair?  Is that kind?

Maybe I’m being a bit oversensitive or invested into what it means to rent out your home when I so willingly waltz into homes, apartments, and other residences in other suburban and urban communities alike.

What do you think?  Am I over thinking this?

peter pan statue

Hello world!

Hi world, it’s me!  One of many explorers.  I have seen only a fraction of your beauty and hope that when I go, my future grand kids will say how cool Grandma and Grandpa were.

With this blog I’m not going to pretend to provide you with tips and tricks you’d see on sites like The Points Guy (though follow-him, his insights are amazing), or provide you with the tools to track down the cheapest airfare and the best hotels.  My goal is to tell you about my travels, some food I’ve eaten along the way and the successful or not so successful attempts at recreating them at home.

I love to shop and I love dessert so undoubtedly shopping and dessert will be featured heavily wherever possible.

So sit back and relax, and come on this journey with me.