Useful Links

This page is your one-stop-shop for useful travel links and resources that help with all of our travel planning.  In an attempt to create a comprehensive site, if there are other links that you, loyal readers, use for travel, let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure to add them.

Cheap Airfare

The Matrix – Nope, not about the red pill / blue pill but if your travel is flexible will show you the cheapest flights around for your destination.  It’s pretty much the best tool out there.

Airfare Watchdog – Follow these guys on twitter too as they post crazy flight deals that they find throughout the day.

Kayak – beloved Kayak.  Still our first go-to for a quick browse on what to expect.

Flight Fox – Never used it but it’s a pay for service to take the legwork out of the above.  Would love to know your thoughts if you’ve used it!

And finally, a really great article on how to get the cheapest airfare possible or “hacker” fare.

The Hotel Chains and the Credit Cards that come with them

Starwood Hotels & Starwood Amex

IHG & the IHG Mastercard

Marriott & the Marriot Visa Card

Hilton & the Hilton Citi Card

Hyatt & the Hyatt Chase Card

Airline Partner Networks

One World Network

Star Alliance


Sites you should follow

The Points Guy

Mommy Points


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